Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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Our company’s industrial wastewater treatment services will decrease your industrial organization’s production costs, and reduce its liability. Our fleet of transportation service vehicles safely transport industrial wastewater from storage tanks and collection areas to our industrial wastewater treatment facility, the largest of its kind in Canada. Our innovative industrial wastewater treatment process can be applied to industrial wastewater that is contaminated by grease, solvents, fuels, emulsifiers, oils, metals, inks, latex, glycols, coolants, hydrocarbons and other contaminants. Our hazardous waste disposal Toronto experts treat both organic and inorganic industrial wastewater in compliance with Canadian environmental and government industrial wastewater discharge regulations. To attain appropriate industrial wastewater levels for disposal, reuse, or by-product recovery, get in touch with Aevitas to learn more about our industrial wastewater treatment services, or any of our other highly effective wastewater treatment services:

  • Oily water disposal
  • Oil recovery
  • Sludge / solid fixation
  • Waste fuel recycling
  • Acid / caustic neutralization
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated inorganic & organic waste treatment

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