PCB Destruction

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Our hazardous waste disposal Toronto crew assists a number of industrial, institutional and commercial organizations throughout Ontario and other Canadian provinces with their PCB destruction needs. Our waste destruction process involves safely collecting, transporting, storing, treating and destructing PCBs using advanced methods that adhere to current environmental and government requirements. Depending on the PCB material that is to be permanently destroyed, we use one of three unique processes: dechlorination, incineration and vapour degreasing. Our PCB destruction services also include:

  • Draining, packaging, labeling and transportation of PCB contaminated wastes (in compliance with the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act).
  • PCB hazardous waste auditing, sampling, testing and weighing.
  • In-house laboratory testing of PCB destroyed materials.
  • Proprietary PCB destruction process to decontaminate PCB contaminated materials.
  • Decommissioning and deregistering PCB storage sites.
  • Certificate of PCB destruction and customer indemnification (within 60 days of PCB destruction project)

Our numerous waste disposal facilities throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada are licensed to receive and destroy a wide range of PCB waste materials, including PCB laden ballasts, capacitors, debris, electrical transformers, caulking, soil, solvents, electrical equipment, transformer oil / askarel fluid, paints, and much more. Connect with our hazardous waste disposal Toronto specialists to learn more about our PCB destruction services, our any of our many other waste disposal services:

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